jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

Cuban´s friends

I can be for sure, 15 years behind, in Cuba few people had knowledge that man and women of other towns solidarity with our Homeland. Every year the groups of Solidarity increased with Cuba in the whole planet. Maybe the most popular for those days were the Shepherds for the Peace that they rebounded in the international press for their courage and anger, traveling for diverse cities from Canada until the frontier of United States with Mexico accumulating the donations made by the citizens, churches and other institutions of those countries whose destination was mainly the schools and Cuban hospitals, challenging the unjust measures that the governments impose from United States to the citizens that travel or they have relationships with Cuba and its town.
One cannot stop to mention to those youths that traveled not to Cuba in tourists' quality, but integrating the Brigades of Solidarity, where they worked next to another group of Cuban youths in the construction or repair of schools, hospitals, clinical, or working in the agriculture among other tasks.
Those hard years of Special Period and Blockade, threatened of war for the biggest power in the planet, being white of attacks terrorists and sabotages to hotels of Havana, where the young Italian tourist died Fabio I gave Celmo. The enemies of they thought that with those attacks they will frighten the friends from Cuba that dedicate part of their vacations and they visit us.
The results of these acts were not those that were expected in the White House, the friends from Cuba they multiplied, from several countries messages of solidarity and support are received to the Cuban town. Every day we are proud of having many friends and one way or another we feel sure.
At the moment the Cubans know that men and women of different ages and nationalities visit and you solidarity with Cuba. The Cuban means reflects several of the activities that carry out the diverse Groups of Solidarity with Cuba in its respective countries, the Cubans know that we are not alone in the fight for the return of the 5 Prisoners of the Empire, I neither eat we are alone in the fight for the rising and the elimination of the Blockade that for more than 48 years it has caused big economic losses to Cuba. Neither we were alone in those years in that the Cuban town demanded the government from United States the boy's return Elián González with his father.
For all those visits, manifestations, mobilizations, donations made by you, Friends from Cuba, we are very grateful. We remember to those men and women that arrived one day, with love when we were children to our schools with donations of notebooks and pencils, in those difficult years in that the Cuban Government made extraordinary efforts to guarantee that all the students have sure their materials and school means. It is also remembered to those that to arrive you to our country with donations of medications, those same medications manufactured in the important United States for the treatment of the cancer and other illnesses that the Blockade disables that they are acquired by the Government and Cuban Ministry of Health.
We greet and we send the hottest hug to those that are mobilized in favor of Cuba, against the Blockade, for the liberation of the 5 that although physically we don't know each other, it unites us our efforts and our ideas.


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